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About Us


We are proud to our qlaity and control systems as well as our excellent record in sterilization equipment performance. We continuely strived to ensure the best possibkle work practices are maintained at every stage of our businesss.

Ethylene Oxide (EtO):

EtO gas is a gas that sterilises via its action as a powerful alkylating agent. EtO Prevents cell reproduction and such can kill all known virses, becteria and fung, including beacterial spores. EtO is compatible with a number of mateials. It is commenly used in the medical field for the sterilization of medical equipment and medical disposable manufacturer and hospitals are among some of "ABF" major customersfor this process. Ambica Boiler & Fabricator Provides ETO Sterilizer which can be used in the following.

  • I.V. Cannula
  • 3 Way Stop Cock
  • Syringes
  • I.V. Infusion Set
  • BT Set
  • Gastro Enterology
  • Urology
  • Cardio Thoracic Surgery
  • Thoracic Catheters and Connectors
  • Sterile latex gloves
  • Syringe With Catheter Mount
  • Surgeon's Gown
  • Micro Drop Infusion Set With Flow Rate Controller