Cardiac Purpose Cath Lab ETO Sterilizer

Cath Lab Eto Sterilizer

eto sterilizer machine

ETO Sterilizer for Hospital medical device sterilization

  • Simple and safe to operate.
  • Warm / Cold cycle facility.
  • Sterilization / Aeration in same chamber
  • Operates on domestic power supply with less power consumption
  • Built in auto aeration facility
  • World class unique cartridge puncturing system, Automatic & Manual – both models provided.
  • EO Cartridge Puncturing inside the chamber in vacuum conditions (Negative Cycle)
  • External compressed air requirement – Optional
  • Does not need skilled personnel for its operations.
  • Process indicators for cycle status

  • Fully automated – PLC Controller: entire process controlled through PLC
  • In Built Printer Facility
  • Auto / Manual changeover possible
  • Operates on single phase, 230 Volts A.C.
  • Manual & Semi Automatic Models available.